Maths Tuition Services

We provide SAT’s, GCSE, & A-Level Maths tuition.

  • In person or online via the Zoom Application
  • One-to-one tuition or in groups

Registration Fee: £150 which is required to reserve your place.

One to One Lesson: £90

Group Lesson: £60

Our Specialisation

Effective and engaging maths tuition will ensure your child has the numeracy knowledge and thinking skills required for improved maths performance. We help children who struggle with maths, as well as those who are gifted.

One to One

One-to-one tuition that builds confidence, changes attitudes and delivers results


Specific catch-up, extension or exam preparation tuition (SATs, 11+, GCSE)

Monitored Progress

Progress is monitored and regular reports show how your child is improving

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